Friday, January 11, 2008

2008: A Year for Enterprise 2.0 or is it

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Read this really interesting post titled "2008: A Year for Real Choices" by M.R. Rangaswami on The post has some great insights for folks trying to gaze through the glass and see what lies ahead.

However the reason I wanted to bring it up here is the prediction for Enterprise 2.0. It couldnt have been summarized better. This year will either establish "2.0" as more than just a buzz word or announce its demise as we wrap up '08.

6. Enterprise 2.0 Will Take Shape – or Not The social network applications have been working on “consumerizing” the enterprise for the last couple years. 2008 will be the year in which we begin to see hard proof of how these technologies can revolutionize the enterprise – or we won’t. Enterprise 2.0 vendors must emerge from the sidelines and deliver strong proof that this trend is more than a buzzword or a fad in order to stay on CIOs’ radar.

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