Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What do LinkedIn users do ;-) ... they're playing Farmville on Facebook

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I truly believe that LN is one of the most capital rich networks. In the sense that a network connection on LN is probably worth much more than connections on other networks. Maybe FB is the only other one.

One of the issues I've had with LinkedIn since its inception is its lack of ability to make a user comeback everyday and check on things. While I do swing by there every few days, there's nothing really out there that compels me to. Now I'm sure there's recruiters out there that do this on the hour 24x7, but for the rest of the 50M users out there its pretty drab.

Well to correct myself I do swing by there every few days when someone sends me an InMail or LN Invite or to check on the LinkedIn portlet about who looked me up (that always makes me curious) and more recently to see what updates the LN to Twitter feed integration gets. But nothing compelling really.

However wouldn't it be killer if there was a Farmville for LinkedIn ;-)

So when I saw this TechCrunch tweet today;

TechCrunch: Zynga To Launch Smash Hit FarmVille On (expand) by @jasonkincaid

.. thought I'd blog about it. Here are some ideas LinkedIn and Zynga ..

  1. A build and sell your own virtual business (strategy) game that you can play with your LN network?
  2. A virtual job hunt/interview game where you earn credits and improve your work-experience and education/credentials and then move up the corporate ladder at various virtual companies.
  3. How about Mafia Wars with a corporate twist would be a hit on LN .. considering all the corporate wars and games ;-)
  4. If nothing else how about a plain old board game like monopoly or scrabble

Now one might argue that LN is all about professional relationships and has no place for this stuff. I'd strongly challenge them with what I said in the title. Also wouldnt it be great if you published yr "Build and Sell your own virtual business Empire" score and potential recruiter saw how you were a virtual tycoon ;-)

Besides keeping users like me interested, I'm sure it'll boost LinkedIn's social capital by increasing "Visits/Person" and "Average Time Spent" as well.

Any takers??

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