Thursday, September 27, 2007

CRM 2.0 Employment Trends

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On the lines of MyCRMCareer, its a known issue that good CRM talent is always difficult to come by and these days with more CRM initiatives taking off there surely seems to be a talent crunch of sorts.

However a few weeks back I came across this recruitment search site called SimplyHired (trends). Very impressed with their approach .. make job search as easy as web search (Google). Now I mention Google and them in the same breath is because they've really ripped off the Google model and skin and put it to good much needed use in the job search space. So their one box search and list of organic jobs, sponsored jobs and Paid Advt's etc make me feel like I'm actually browsing a Google property. Might be a good thing, you never know Google just might snap them up like Yahoo did HotJobs.

Anyways the reason I decided to blog about them is not cause of their approach or interface but because I found this really interesting thing on their site where one can graphically track employment trends (pretty cool I would say). Since they claim to have more than 5 million jobs indexed it seemed like a good enough sample to see what the CRM and CRM 2.0 employment trends looked like. Not that there is a big movement around CRM 2.0 employment (yet!!).

So check these job trends out. Pretty cool huh?

CRM trends

CRM trendsCRM jobs

CRM 2.0 trends
CRM 2.0 trendsCRM 2.0 jobs


Mark Smith said...

Hmm interesting. Though CRM 2.0 is not an employment category by any means.

Darayush Mistry said...

Agreed. CRM 2.0 is definitely not there yet!!
However since I was checking employment trends, just couldnt resist the CRM 2.0 search :-)
Actually I went back and did a "CRM 2.0" search in quotes and the graph was quite different.
But it still got some hits.