Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Discovered an exciting new CRM 2.0 wiki site

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Yesterday I discovered this really amazing site/wiki that claims that it will be focused on defining CRM 2.0 ( It has some interesting content and well known names from the CRM arena contributing and linking their blogs with. Conceptually it seems to be a think tank that is attempting to define CRM 2.0.

"The Way This Works
First, each invited member of this wiki is expected to contribute something to the discussion. The idea is to come out with a definition of CRM 2.0 that will be pretty much universally accepted by the CRM community ...

However I'm very skeptical and highly disappointed with how they are going about this. It all seems very counter (2.0) intuitive. For me one of the biggest things of Web 2.0 and CRM 2.0 is to harness the power of social participation and collaboration.

But this website seems to be an invite only Wiki :-(

Imagine Wikipedia allowing only a limited set of invitees to define the encyclopedia. Again I love the idea behind the initiative though and would strongly urge the ( Admins to open it up for general participation.


Paul said...

Thanks for the nice comments on the wiki. Actually, its not restricted. Anyone can anonymously contribute or can get an invitation by sending an email to me asking for one. No one has ever been turned down. If you're interested, please feel free to fire me an email at and I'll send you an invite. Its just the way that pbwiki has its administration set up but there's no filtering done.
Just figured I'd clear it up. :-)

Paul Greenberg
Author: CRM at the Speed of Light (4th edition, September 2008)

Darayush Mistry said...

Paul, thanks for the clarification. Good to know its not restricted. Will send you an invite request :-)

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