Wednesday, October 10, 2007

CRM morphs to Customer Care ... Naah

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I recently read this post about CRM 2.0 on Marshall Lager's blog and what we should call CRM in its next generation.

I'm not sure if "Customer Care" works for next generation CRM. To me a "customer" the term "customer care" conjures up images of CRM 1.0 Call Centers that were supposed to be customer care centers but were busy pissing me off with either poor service or upselling calls guised as regular customer health check calls.

What CRM 2.0 brings is more than technology change, just like how Web 2.0 brings more than tech change as well. To me its a behavioral change on how we interact and participate as a society, obviously it wont last forever and when the trend has cooled off we will be looking at getting it out of everywhere.

Plus in Web 2.0 times I'm not sure if customers really need an enterprise to provide it "caaaare". These days customers take care of themselves and their relationship with the enterprise. So Customer Care in Web 2.0 times just sounds too benevolent to me.

But hey its another candidate to add to the list. Hopefully we get CRM 2.0 defined before its done with :-)

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