Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Aggregate Blog post for Use Cases and Application of Enterprise 2.0

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If there are any interesting Enterprise 2.0 use cases or applications that you might have deployed, seen, heard of or even simply thought of, feel free to provide them in the comments here and I will keep aggregating them into the post.

To me this is one thing that sorely lacking in all the Enterprise, CRM, Sales, ABC 2.0 discussions and posts.

Recently ran into this site thats doing the exact same thing I was intending on doing here in a more primitive fashion. So wanted to update the post. Cases 2.0 is aiming to be the repository for Enterprise2.0 scenarios and use cases. Great idea.


Darayush Mistry said...

One of the first Web 2.0 use cases I can think of is lets say getting your enterprise data updates as RSS/Atom feeds. So I can view and maybe even update my data from any reader of my choice.
But then RSS/Atom are still not there with security and data privacy so that might be an issue. Also updating through RSS feeds. I wonder why no ones thinking of that?

Darayush Mistry said...

Sales widget that provides real time updates on sales activity that you might be monitoring and allows actions. Good example might be a "My Opportunities" widget for sales folks on the move.