Friday, November 2, 2007

Follow up - Lunch 2.0 @ Oracle

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Wanted to post on this for a while .. wow what an event that was. 200+ Web 2.0 enthusiasts in a room ... electric

I think Lunch 2.0 is a wonderful concept and a very ingenious way of getting feedback, insights and generally getting the word out on your Web2.0 initiatives.

We got some very good feedback and a lot of insight on whats happening in this space and where we can make things better. We also got some flak as the WebCenter team showed some slides when it was all about products and demos and we also got some feedback about the lack of user or participant interactivity.

Though in all fairness I did get about 20-30 people stop by the demo pod after my demo to discuss the details of how we developed the widgets/gadgets and what the security and persistence models are etc. Many remarked that Widgets/MiniApps are one promising inroad to the enterprise for many Web2.0 technologies and models to manifest themselves.

But I guess that's only 10% of the audience and we want more. So if you have any lingering thoughts or comments fromt that day please post them here.

Ah well, feedback well taken this was the very first Lunch 2.0 at Oracle so I'm sure we'll gear it for much better interaction/participation in the future.

I think kudos to Justin Kestelyn and Marius and team for putting this together. Click here for Lunch 2.0coverage on the OTN blog.

Also saw Jeremiah Owyang out there and I guess he gets the credit for seeding the idea at Oracle for participating in the event.

That's a pic of yours truly presenting at the event and behind me you can see the beautiful widgets we've created for Oracle's Siebel CRM Applications.

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