Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Oracle's Social CRM

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What a whirlwind last 4-5 days these have been. So many happenings things moving rapidly into the Web2.0, Enterprise2.0, Social arena.

W2.0 and social aspects of enterprise applications were all over .. in Larry's keynote, in Ed Abbo's (Oracle Apps Unltd head honcho) keynote, Anthony Lye, George Jacob, Steve Miranda and the list goes on. Everyone had interactive, social apps to showcase, widgets/gadgets flashing on their desktops. Social Applications have arrived at Oracle and are here to stay. In fact one of the most interesting observations this week was how deep this social or W2.0 initiative is running at Oracle. Its not just the superficial addition of a blog or wiki to get the W2.0 tag. These are social capabilities being woven into the fabric of the application to enable superior customer relationships.

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Amazing how a weekend project that I started earlier has now turned into a successful widget/gadget initiative there at Oracle. Who says large companies are not agile and open to ideas or changes !! By the way these widgets/gadgets were in everyones keynote as well ;-) .. saw them on AL, SM, EA and GJ desktops.

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